DIGITAL STRATEGY Accelerate your transformation journey.

Whether you are embarking on the journey of digital commerce or you are seeking to challenge your current status-quo, the pressure to satisfy customer expectations is high and the need to understand the business impact is even higher. 

Digital Business Strategy must focus on enabling buyers and sellers to perform at higher levels. Radically changing human interactions with your brand will create the innovative breakthrough and digital competitive advantage that can lead to business impact and allow you to leapfrog competitors.

Digital Transformation

B2B environments need to adopt a "capability mindset" when it comes to formulating and executing their digital strategy. Businesses are increasingly under pressure to identify, realize and deliver value-add digital capabilities that help streamline and optimize buyer & seller interactions.

No longer can organizations afford to fall into the "platform-purchase-trap" and run a RFP process to merely select a new e-commerce platform and vendor in hope of achieving those levels of digital capacity that are demanded by customers and trading partners alike. Acquiring any given platform alone won't create the desired business impact.

Instead, organizations need to include people, platform, processes, partnerships, and business priorities into their digital transformation approach and tie every single one of these dimensions back to technology choices, organizational structure (i.e. vertical teams) and to the overarching digital ecosystem architecture. Crafting successful Digital Strategy, more than ever, has become a matter of Technology Strategy combined with a deep understanding of what drives differentiation and has the power to enable new business models.

We assist organizations to re-think how they approach the B2B commerce transformation journey to achieve success.

Strategy Services

Xngage offers the following consulting services using a variety of tools to help our clients modernize, digitize, and advance their organizations:

  • Audience Surveys & Market Research

  • Requirements Gathering and Customer Journey Maps

  • Business Process Modelling (BPM)

  • Digital Ecosystem Architecture

  • Platform and Vendor Selection

  • Return on Investment (ROI) Modelling

  • E-Commerce Consulting

  • Product Content Strategy (PIM)

  • Organizational Agility Consulting

Working with Xngage has been an exceptional experience. Their team is full of good people who are moral and ethical, and we couldn’t have picked a better company with whom to partner. They are smart, diligent and focused. They blend expertise in technology with a practical business approach. When we work together there is no ego, drama or issues. They communicate openly and honestly in the spirit of discovering what is best based on the agreed upon goals/strategy.

Digital Strategy Lead Wholesale Distributor for Building Materials

AI-Powered Insights

Are you unsure about what your customers want? Not sure whether a new e-commerce website will do the trick? Worried that commissioning market research studies might be an expensive and time-consuming undertaking?

If all or some of these questions seem familiar, you should know that there is a better way to understand your customers.

With Xngage's intelligent VOC-solution xPloreTM you can gain insights in minutes.

Let deep-learning algorithms & artificial intelligence (AI) help you understand the voice of your customers (VOC) instantly and gain insights interactively. React and connect with your audiences in real-time and gain customer Insights fast. Contact us today to learn more about xPloreTM.

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