SOLUTION DELIVERY Execute your Initiative flawlessly.

Flawless B2B e-commerce implementations begin with a realistic understanding of your initiative, require awareness of platform & organizational constraints, and conclude with a highly engaged Implementation Partner. Xngage has a proven track record navigating, managing, and mastering the challenges and complexities inherent to B2B E-Commerce initiatives.

B2B Domain Knowledge

We understand that B2B sales processes are vastly different from B2C-type selling models and bring the necessary business & technical architects to the table who help guide you during the implementation journey.

  • User Experience & Interaction Design

  • Functional & System Specification

  • Technical Design & Integration Architecture

  • Product Information Management Implementation (PIM/DAM)

  • PCI Compliance Consulting

  • Mobile App Strategy & Execution

Robust, Optimized Process

Xngage delivers integrated, scalable, and durable commerce solutions using a proven and refined delivery process which balances agility, planning, functional and technical design. Most importantly, our process is fully streamlined using modern software delivery tools and automation.

  • Data Driven Project Management & Reporting

  • End-to-End workflow automation using JIRA

  • Fully automated CI/CD Pipeline (DevOps) & Containers

  • Risk & Scope Management

  • Client engagement from Start to Finish

Architecture Expertise

Contextual, real-time interactions across touch points are intelligent, connected and rely on integrated solutions which unlock complex business processes from your back-office to make them accessible at the fingertips of your customers and across all channels.

In B2B E-Commerce, look for deep Architecture expertise when choosing your implementation partner.

  • Ubiquitous Commerce Experiences powered by AI and Machine Learning

  • Headless Commerce Architecture

  • Application Networks (API-Led Connectivity, iPaaS, Microservices)

  • Process Orchestration & Automation (Streamlining Operations)

  • ERP Integration (Oracle, Infor, Epicor, Dynamics, NetSuite, PeopleSoft, SAP)

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