CLOUD SERVICES Transform your business effectively.

Cloud computing is at the heart of our services.
Xngage provides custom software development services and creates innovative solutions using Azure and AWS cloud resources in conjunction with Docker Containers.

Microsoft Azure

Do you want to run your business and let us manage your web application, eCommerce platform or CMS?

At Xngage we assist your organization in accelerating time-to-market through automation and continuous integration & deployment pipelines, shipping features several times a day.

Amazon Web Services

Need a data center in the cloud? We can help you move from a traditional on-premise setup to the most powerful data center there is.

Docker Containers

At Xngage, we deploy entire production environments in minutes with Docker containers and scale microservices in highly distributed architectures which power innovative applications and products today.

Image & Video Management

You have heard a responsive website is a must? Wondering how to deliver on this promise while managing your product imagery effectively? Do you consider your product images valuable assets which you would like to watermark? Ever found yourself storing endless variations of images?

Let us help you with a streamlined image & video management solution in the cloud.

  • Image & video Cloud Storage

  • Image & Video Manipulation on Demand

  • CDN for fast delivery

Is Cloud in your Plans?

Digital Commerce Success requires a digital agile organization.

Let's connect and talk cloud!