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Are you in B2B eCommerce focused on improving your channel or overall B2B business? Then B2B Bits & Bytes, brought to you by veteran digital commerce experts of 40+ B2B digital transformations, is the podcast for you!
Xngage offers tips and tools for accelerating buyer and seller interactions. This show is recommended for both novices and experts in B2B commerce who want to deliver even better digital commerce results.
Join us for this experience, we will satisfy your craving for all things B2B...and more!

B2B Bits & Bytes: Season 3

S3: E5 - eCommerce 2.0 - The Highlight Episode

This podcast episode offers excerpts from Season 3 of B2B Bits & Bytes where we focus on the pillars of eCommerce 2.0: Strategy, UX, Execution and Marketing. Listen now for tips to help jumpstart your B2B digital commerce conversations in your organization.

S3: E4 - eCommerce 2.0 – Part 4: Improving Your Digital Marketing

This episode features two guest podcasters, and veterans of B2B Marketing in healthcare, who unpack the do’s, don’ts (and even the simple tips) of getting more value out of your B2B digital marketing efforts and budgets. 

S3: E3 - eCommerce 2.0 – Part 3: The Heart of Successful Websites – Delivery

Execution – and continuous improvement – are essential to B2B ecommerce solutions and B2B web design. The Xngage process is explained by our lead of this practice, with insights and tools for successful implementations. 

S3: E2 - eCommerce 2.0 – Part 2: Better UX for your B2B eCommerce Website
The User Experience (or UX) of your B2B ecommerce website is a flow, or journey, that should be based on insights and how your customers want to engage with you. This episode focuses on how to approach UX from a research and design perspective, with examples from two Xngage experts. 

S3:E1 - eCommerce 2.0 – An Introduction to Accelerating your B2B eCommerce Channel

 What is “eCommerce 2.0” and when do you accelerate your efforts? Hear from Xngage leaders about the tipping point and how to leverage the four-part B2B Digital Commerce framework of Strategy, UX, Delivery, and Marketing. This episode also provides a deeper dive on Part 1: Strategy. 

Listen to the Highlights Now; Dive Deeper with Us Later This Season!

Preview What's Coming: ECommerce 2.0 Deep Dive

B2B Bits & Bytes: Season 2

Episode 2.5 - Xngage Bits & Bytes Best of the Best

Our final episode of Season 2 highlights key takeaways of Seasons 1 AND 2. We define digital commerce, share experiences from Xngage B2B Clients who have been through digital commerce journeys, and provide tips on what it takes to win in the ecommerce channel.

Episode 2.4 - Leveraging the Voice of the Customer with Implementation

Xngage client McNaughton McKay planned and implemented their next generation digital transformation journey. Cecilia Madden provides insights, and lessons learned, from that journey including choosing and working with an implementation partner through each stage of the digital commerce experience.

Episode 2.3 - Leveraging the Voice of the Customer with Content

Guest podcaster Justin King from Salsify guides us through a discussion around content and the digital shelf. He gives us great examples of why content is so important in ecommerce and how to maximize product data, and systems, to drive digital experiences.

Episode 2.2 - Leveraging the Voice of the Customer in an Enterprise Architecture

An Enterprise Architecture considers how your major IT systems fit together for a comprehensive digital experience. We offer suggestions for evaluating your Enterprise Architecture and your ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, System and how to deftly work Change Management into your B2B organization.

Episode 2.1 - Leveraging the Voice of the Customer in the RFP

Why are B2B leaders passionate about eCommerce? Hear from active B2B companies leading in this channel. When you’re ready to start planning a project, what is the recipe for a good RFP (Request for Proposal?) We share some insights into making this strategic eCommerce evaluation tool work hard for you.

B2B Bits & Bytes: Season 1

Episode 1.6 - The Xngage Digital Commerce Success Framework - Bringing it All Together for Business Impact

Value creation is the goal of eCommerce initiatives. In this 6th episode, and last in our first season, listen to how we define different types of value creation, or business impact, and why Xngage is passionate about this channel.  You’ll hear case studies from some of our valued clients who have been through a digital transformation and how they have leveraged tools for successful outcomes.

Episode 1.5 - The Xngage Digital Commerce Success Framework - Pillar Four: Acquisition

The fourth and final pillar of the framework is “Acquisition.” Learn the five important steps of acquiring new customers and how to drive results faster with digital marketing and technical tactics. This is an essential listen for B2B business leaders who are both new to the ecommerce channel and looking for ways to drive the “flywheel” faster and improve overall project ROI.

Episode 1.4 - The Xngage Digital Commerce Success Framework - Pillar Three: Adoption

Once you’ve made the investment and stood up an integrated digital commerce system or website, how do you encourage adoption? The third of the four pillars is “Adoption” and is critical to success. Whether your internal organization or external B2B customers are migrating to digital commerce, this episode will help you facilitate adoption and create habitual users who are your best, most cost-effective, advocates.

Episode 1.3 - The Xngage Digital Commerce Success Framework - Pillar Two: Agility

What does it mean to have “Agility” in B2B eCommerce? We’ll discuss the second of the four pillars and show you how agile technology and agile business methods can help you reach your B2B goals faster.  We focus on the sales side of the eCommerce equation and discuss use cases that are key to transforming your digital commerce channel.

Episode 1.2 - The Xngage Digital Commerce Success Framework - Pillar One: Usability

A systematic framework helps B2B clients to stand up and accelerate eCommerce. In this episode we discuss the overall framework, our methods, and then go deep into the first of four pillars: “Usability.” Find out how Xngage works with clients and their website user experiences (or UX) and how you can facilitate better buyer interactions.

Episode 1.1 - Introducing B2B Bits & Bytes

A little preview of what's ahead, who we are, why we love what we do, and how we can focus your B2B business!  Listen in for a few tips, tools, and techniques for accelerating buyer AND seller interactions, and how to get results.

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