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Optimizely is a digital experience platform (DXP) software, that provides A/B testing and multivariate testing tools, website personalization, and feature toggle capabilities, as well as web content management and digital commerce. 

Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud

For Manufacturers and Distributors

Optimizely's B2B Commerce Cloud software was built to provide better experiences for B2B customers and sellers. It allows businesses to personalize their customers' experience through data-driven recommendations and tools and true B2B core capabilities required to sell effectively to organizations. B2B Commerce Cloud gives sellers a holistic view of websites, customers, catalogs, segments, transactions, quotes, and orders.

Coupled with data mining processes and AI, the platform can create yield better and more specialized customer experiences that are relevant to B2B buyers, allowing businesses to tailor individual customer experiences to different segments. Native B2B consturcts and capabilities paired with the modern technolgy stack and API-first architecture, make Optimizely B2B a prime choice to tackle B2B content & commerce solutions. 

Shopping Capabilities

  • Checkout & Multiple Carts
  • Approval Work Flows
  • Targeting
  • Search & Navigation
  • Promotions
  • Order Guides

Management Capabilities

  • Order Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Content Management
  • Media Management
  • Project Management

Technology Capabilities

  • API-first architecture supporting Headless
  • Analytics
  • Multisite
  • Data Core Service
  • Localization
  • uilt on .NET and Microsoft ecoystem
  • Native Mobile App





The History of Optimizely

A Success Story with Native B2B Legacy from Insite Software


Founded in 2004, Minneapolis based Insite Software allowed businesses to integrate their core business systems (ERP) and enable their customers to do better business online. With a long track record in B2B consulting, the founders understood the needs of B2B organizations and had a strong vision to create more seamless customers experiences for distributors and manufacturers while empowering sales and customer service personnel with a new way how to interact with their customers.
Initially launched as an on-premises platform built on the Microsoft ecosystem and .NET technology stack, InsiteCommerce was a success story in the making. Backed by Volition Capital and with the visionary leadership of CEO Steve Shaffer, the Minnesotans rearchitected their product with version 4 in 2015 to follow modern architectural principles such as API-first, services based, decoupled front-end and shortly after migrated it into a cloud-hosted model providing its customers turn-key solutions.
In 2019, Insite Software was acquired by Episerver, a company historically offering web content management, digital commerce, and digital marketing solutions through the Episerver Digital Experience Platform. The acquisition was made strategically to provide a more robust offering to B2B customers and serve manufacturing and distribution industries specifically with a digital commerce offering, providing faster go-to market at reduced total cost of ownership.
In January 2021, Episerver rebranded the organization to Optimizely, an experimentation and optimization platform company which was acquired by Episerver a year before.
With razor focus on the needs of B2B organizations, Xngage partnered with InsiteSoftware in early 2015 to become the platinum partner implementing the largest and most reputable solutions portfolio on the InsiteCommerce platform.
Xngage, the strategic partner of InsiteSoftware, closely collaborated with the Insite Software product team to constantly improve and innovate upon the platform. In early 2016, Xngage launched the first implementation of InsiteCommerce 4, introducing the new API-first architecture and implemented a multi-site solution for MarmonLink (formerly 3Wire) launching 5 sites concurrently. In early 2018, Xngage delivered the first-ever InsiteCommerce Cloud solution on the new cloud-hosted framework for Consolidated Supply.

 And as the partnership has continued to evolve, Xngage is today, the most experienced B2B Commerce partner in the industry on the legacy InsiteCommerce platform with over 50 live implementations for the largest organizations and most visible B2B case studies in the industry. The influential experience and partnership Xngage has had with the legacy InsiteCommerce platform has set the precedent for it’s current partnership with Optimizely. Xngage is a proud Gold partner with over 24 certified experts on the B2B Commerce Cloud platform by Optimizely.

Xngage implemented over 50 solutions on Optimizely B2B Commerce

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