Van Meter Inc. is a wholesale electrical supply distributor of automation, electrical, data communications, lighting, power transmission, solar energy, and safety and cleaning products. Since 1928 their focus has been on delivering superior products, customizing services, and solutions for their customer, and offering unparalleled customer service.

Business Challenges

  • Legacy systems made the buying experience feel dated and did not always display accurate product and pricing information.

  • Third-party data suppliers fed data primarily through spreadsheets. Importing this data used a lot of human time and resources to maintain the product data on the website.

  • The legacy Content Management System (CMS) was out of date and had limited capabilities.

  • The blog website and e-commerce website were disconnected and hosted under two different platforms.

Unified CMS and E-Commerce Solution

  • Xngage created an integration from Insite to Van Meter’s 3rd-party systems that allows the new Van Meter e-commerce site to display real-time product inventory and pricing for the customer.

  • The customized Product Listing Page (PLP) allows customers to easily backorder items, request quotes, create quick order configurations, and easily re-order products.

  • Xngage built a configuration tool for a Van Meter’s partner suppliers that allows customers to shop for those suppliers' tools and products seamlessly, without leaving the Van Meter website.

  • Insite's product hosting capabilities and robust CMS system were able to bring Van Meter's two websites together into one, allowing customers a one-stop-shop for all of Van Meter's products, partner product catalogs, blog content, and continuing education training events and videos.

The Results

The website Xngage created on Insite allowed Van Meter to increase their product catalog offering to its customers and to include outside suppliers and partners, thus increasing their overall sales.

The Insite CMS system also allowed Van Meter to host training videos, promote their training events, and maintain their blog. In this way, Van Meter both continues to keep their customers stocked with the supplies they need and also supports their professional development and careers, positioning Van Meter as the top resource for electricians and a thought leader in their industry.

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