MarmonLink (a subsidiary of Marmon Berkshire Hathaway) is an industry-leading foodservice and beverage replacement parts distributor. Marmon Foodservice and Beverage brands are found in the nation's top restaurants and retailers.

To meet MarmonLink's business objective to operate under a unified and centralized e-commerce platform, Xngage designed and launched 5 distinct websites.

Business Challenges

  • MarmonLink was using a 15-year old self-built e-commerce solution that was no longer a viable option as competitive pressure increased.

  • Outdated technology and extremely brittle integration with legacy systems was causing technical obstacles that impeded seamless online commerce processes both internally and for their customers.

  • The user experience of the old website was dated and difficult to use. Customers were leaving MarmonLink in favor of competitor websites.

Seamless E-Commerce Across 5 Websites

Using the B2B e-commerce platform InsiteCommerce, Xngage implemented a decoupled, ERP-agnostic online channel for seamless customer experience, straightforward content management, and merchandising capabilities.

This architectural style demanded a highly performant integration engine that was able to handle real-time ERP updates and changes while allowing marketers to control the content, presentation, and merchandising activities without IT involvement.

The Results

  • Sales increased 23% over the prior year and Customer Satisfaction improved by 40 points.

  • Xngage architected a scalable, multi-site solution to accommodate future websites for dedicated product assortments, national accounts, and a custom shopping experience for MarmonLink's targeted audience segments.

  • The unified central administration console of Optimizely B2B Commerce integrated with Oracle PeopleSoft ERP in a highly streamlined fashion so that all back-office operations are consolidated and standardized regardless of the number of e-commerce web properties being provisioned in the future. This also allowed customization of themes for the user experience across the 5 sites.

  • Legacy integrations used to run for 7+ hours overnight. The new data solution that Xngage implemented achieved runtimes under 40 minutes for the same amount of records.

Sales growth
23% YOY
Customer Satisfaction
⭡40 pts

You were flawless. You were excellent. You are great innovators and great partners. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you.

Jennie Stenback Vice President of Marketing, E-Commerce & Digital Strategy Marmon Link (a Marmon / Berkshire-Hathaway Co)

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