Technology Partnerships & Platforms Xngage partners with industry leading technology vendors and platforms.

To meet the complexities and challenges in delivering content & commerce solutions in B2B, we have established a strong portfolio of technology and platform partnerships.


Episerver empowers growing companies to compete digitally. Episerver’s platform combines best-in-class content management and robust commerce powered by AI-backed data and personalization tools that enable organizations to develop greater customer lifetime value, grow brand affinity and increase revenue. 


Founded in 2012 by industry leaders in open-source business applications, Oro revolutionizes commerce with our open-source platforms focused on B2B eCommerce and CRM. Oro is the software company behind OroCommerce, OroCRM and OroPlatform. 


Znode is an enterprise, B2B ecommerce platform developed to enable growth through a rich set of built-in features to easily manage content, site search, product information and multi-store functionality. Created for the unique needs of B2B ecommerce, Znode’s built-in B2B functionality supports complex pricing, complex inventory, complex product types, workflow approvals, quote management, list management and more. The platform is completely headless with over 600 APIs allowing for greater extensibility, easier integrations and consistent functional updates. Znode is a product of Amla Commerce.


The Coveo Relevance Cloud is an AI Platform providing search, recommendation, and personalization to power intelligent buying experiences. Coveo does this by unifying data from any source and learning from every interaction across all digital channels to tailor experiences that increase conversion & average order value, lower costs to serve, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase customer lifetime value and business margins.


PunchOut2Go makes PunchOut & B2B commerce integrations easy. We provide an adaptable gateway solution to integrate PunchOut catalog functionality into existing e-commerce applications plus plug-n-play solutions for popular e-commerce platforms. PunchOut2Go also offers buyer onboarding or transition support for their trading partners. PunchOut2Go’s End-to-End B2B Automation is the future of business commerce!


You have heard a responsive website is a must? Wondering how to deliver on this promise while managing your product imagery effectively? Do you consider your product images valuable assets which you would like to watermark? Ever found yourself storing endless variations of images?

Let us help you with a streamlined image & video management solution in the cloud.

  • Image & video Cloud Storage

  • Image & Video Manipulation on Demand

  • CDN for fast delivery 


Founded in 2007, inRiver redefines the way e-commerce product marketers and merchandisers display and sell their products. By providing product information management (PIM) products and services that help create, update, refresh, maintain and distribute content about products globally, inRiver helps businesses drive increased revenue, customer satisfaction, and brand equity. 

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