• Garrett Special Markets

    A new B2B portal for corporate gifting.


Garrett Special Markets represents the B2B channel for high-volume e-commerce transactions with national accounts and large customers who often purchase products in the context of their corporate gifting activities and special events.

This results in the need for Garrett to support high volume order taking and quote to order processes that need to cope with 1600+ recipients being processed in a single order.

Business Challenges

Garrett Special Markets - Garrett Popcorn Shops
  • Slow legacy systems that cannot handle B2B purchasing scenarios

  • Manual order taking that involves countless hours of CSR labor

  • Fulfillment systems and ERP were unable to cope with the vast amount of order lines leading to lost opportunity, customer service complaints, and customer frustration.

  • Customized tin design requires manual CSR intervention

  • Missed self-service opportunity for national accounts and large business customers


Design & Usability

Xngage designed and implemented a scalable e-commerce application built on InsiteCommerce and deployed on Microsoft Azure for elastic scalability. The system can process up to 2000 recipients, each, with multiple order lines. All data is being validated against address validation services and the product catalog to ensure smooth downstream processing of these high-volume B2B orders.

A streamlined catalog combined with flexible bundle & kitting functionality of the e-commerce platform allow for effective modelling of flavor, tin-size, and design variations while producing effective search results for on-site search.


Harnessing native B2B-capabilities of the platform, the Xngage team was able to focus on building differentiating scenarios & use cases to enable innovative interactions between buyers and sellers on the Garrett Special Markets portal resulting in huge efficiency gains and significantly increasing sales.

Garrett Special Markets was awarded the B2B E-Commerce Player of the Year recognition by Internet Retailer Excellence Awards 2016.


Garrett's Vice President of IT & eCommerce Operations, Emily Lund, confirmed that "The solutions Xngage designed to accommodate our problems was very good and with a thorough understanding of our issues. The large order/upload process was very easy and most users were able to complete without problems. In years past, time to process large orders was also a big problem. Last year a customer with 1200 recipient addresses took over 8 hours to upload and validate. The process designed and implemented by Xngage took approximately 90 seconds."


Sales growth %
Massive Recipients per Order
Time to Process B2B Order

8 Hours






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