• 3Wire - A Marmon / Berkshire Hathaway Company

    Launching five B2B commerce sites.

    3Wire - A Marmon / Berkshire Hathaway Company


Minnesota based 3Wire Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Marmon Berkshire Hathaway, is an industry-leading foodservice and beverage replacement parts distributor. 3Wire operates out of three separate distribution centers, supporting food and beverage customers coast-to-coast. 3Wire prides itself on their “commitment to quality and service” along with efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As a specialty distributor, 3Wire’s sales, IT and marketing teams rely heavily on Xngage's partnership in transforming their e-commerce channel with a recent launch of 5 distinct websites and continued collaboration in all things 'digital'.


3Wire - A Marmon / Berkshire Hathaway Company
  • Operating a 15-year old homegrown e-commerce solution was no longer a viable option as competitive pressure was too high.

  • Using outdated technology and extremely brittle integration with legacy systems was often causing technical obstacles impeding seamless online commerce processes.

  • As much as a new platform was needed, the organization was facing organizational changes that needed to be made.

  • For years, 3Wire had taken an approach to work around business exceptions and it needed a partner ready to lead the way to modernize, streamline, and simplify.

  • User experience of the old website was below standard and customer attrition to competitive sites was noticeable.



In selecting the purpose built, leading B2B e-commerce platform InsiteCommerce, 3Wire desired to create a decoupled, ERP-agnostic online channel for B2B customer experiences with strong content management and merchandising capabilities. This architectural style demanded a highly performant integration engine which was able to handle real-time ERP updates and changes while allowing marketers to control content, presentation and merchansizing activities without IT involvement.


To meet 3Wire's business objective to operate a unified and centralized e-commerce platform, Xngage has architected a scalable multi-site solution which is able to accommodate future websites for dedicated product assortments, national accounts, and other audience segments. While the e-commerce solution can make use of cleanly separated themes per site, the unified central administration console of InsiteCommerce has been integrated with Oracle PeopleSoft ERP in a highly streamlined fashion so that all back-office operations are consolidated and standardized regardless of the number of e-commerce web properties being provisioned in the future.


Xngage architected, designed and implemented a scalable, buffered messaging framework which was optimized and parallelized to achieve outmost performance objectives. While legacy integrations ran overnight for up to 8 hours, the new data pump achieves runtimes under 40 minutes for the same amount of records. This massive performance improvement has taken friction out of the process and continues to represent a major milestone in the modernization of 3Wire's IT landscape.


Sales Lift
% over prior year
Customer Satisfaction
Points Improved

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